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We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
--John Adams

Tom Yates

Family Group Record for John Thomas Jefferson Yates

Husband: John Thomas Jefferson Yates

          Born: 21 Jan 1893 - Dekalb County Alabama
          Died: 3 Sep 1958 - Fyffe, Alabama
        Buried:  - Mt. Zion Baptist Church
        Father: Henry Madison Yates (1869-1937)
        Mother: Ella Jay Clayton (1873-1927)

      Marriage: 29 Nov 1915                     Place: Dekalb County Alabama

   Wife: Mary Violet Iva Jane Stiefel

          Born: 22 Apr 1897 - Dekalb County Alabama
          Died: Aug 1987 - Fyffe, Alabama
        Buried:  - Mt. Zion Baptist Church
        Father: Henry Jackson Stiefel (1862-1910)
        Mother: Nancy Jane Harris (1867-1954)


1  M  Clarence Fred Yates
          Born: 22 Sep 1916
          Died: 19 Mar 2002
        Buried:  - Mt. Zion Baptist Church
        Spouse: Zella Hosch (Living)
    Marr. Date: 1 Feb 1942
    Marr. Date:

2  M  William Edgar Yates
          Born: 31 Oct 1918
          Died: 2004
        Spouse: Opel Phillips (Living)
    Marr. Date: 11 Aug 1939
    Marr. Date:

3  M  Early Lee Yates
          Born: 7 Mar 1921 - Dekalb County Alabama
          Died: 20 Dec 1973 - Albertville, Alabama
        Buried:  - Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Fyffe, Alabama
        Spouse: Clara Virginia Dorsett (Living)
    Marr. Date: 3 Jun 1951

4  F  Mertie Mae Yates
        Spouse: Glen Gable (1924-1967)
    Marr. Date: 27 Apr 1946
    Marr. Date:

5  F  Edna Irene Yates
          Born: 12 May 1925
          Died: 12 Dec 1932
        Buried:  - Mt. Zion Baptist Church
    Marr. Date:

6  M  John Alfred Yates
        Spouse: Helen Fricks (1930-2005)
    Marr. Date: 27 Apr 1946

7  F  Eva Nell Yates
          Born: 13 Jul 1930
          Died: 24 Mar 1978
        Buried:  - Dekalb County
        Spouse: Burkett Patterson (Living)
    Marr. Date: 21 Nov 1948

8  F  Inez Yates


9  F  Imogene Yates


       Spouse: Luther Rayford Baldwin (1930-2000)

10  M  Henry Jackson Yates
          Spouse: Winefred Wiggley



11  M  Willis Chalmer Yates
        Spouse: Wanda Ann Burns