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At disappointments and losses which are the effects of Providential acts I never repine, because I am sure the divine disposer of events knows better than we do what is best for us, or what we deserve.
--George Washington

Grandma Yates

My Grand Mother Yates was the most patient, kind and loving person I ever knew.  I do not recall her ever having a harsh word for anyone in all the years I knew her.  On summers I spent at her house she allowed us to explore learn and grow as children.  She had a few rules that we did not question, you did your chores first and then you played also you went to church when she went to church which by the way was every time the church doors opened.  I always enjoyed the summers I spent at Grandma Yates' house they were lots of fun and always educational.  I learned to care for the garden, milk a cow, work in a field, pick cotton and run down a gravel road bare footed.  To some this would not be a lot of fun but for me it was a blast.  Grandma Yates trusted me to things and allowed me room to make mistakes.  Who I am today is in part the lessons I learned on my grandma’s farm.