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My Dad

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The Wounding

The main purpose of Satan in wounding us is to destroy our relationships.  The main relationship he desires to destroy is our relationship with God, secondarily our relationship with other people.  Causing us to be unable to enjoy our life on earth and not have a home in heaven.  Because of our sin nature we can respond to our early wounding in a sinful way, thereby locking us into patterns that we experience in adult life.


Generational sins, family weaknesses, and the iniquity of our forefathers, are passed on to us much in the same way that genetically blue eyes or curly hair is passed in families.  It is even possible to experience wounding in the womb.  I used to talk to my son before he was born, I would lean down at my wife’s belly and talk to him.  When he was born he recognized my voice and responded positively to me.  Maybe you did the same thing and experienced the same result.  So it might be easy to see how one could be wounded while in the womb.


Some possible causes of wounding in the womb:

  1. Being conceived out of wedlock
  2. One parent not wanting the child
  3. Bad time in the marriage for the child to come
  4. Conceived during war time
  5. Child being born the “wrong” gender
  6. Mother’s illness during pregnancy

Sources of wounding:

  1. Environment
  2. Culture
  3. The child’s perceptions about what happened
  4. Abuse
    1. Verbal
    2. Physical
    3. Sexual
    4. Rejection

Can you remember hearing your parents talk about anything traumatic happening before you were two years old?


In what way do you think you may have been wounded?




Father, I give you permission to show me any area of wounding that I am unaware I have.  Open my eyes that I might see the areas you desire to work on.